The digital creation of a prototype, the pre-visualisation of a project, the animation of a character, they all make 3D an absolutely unique and powerful instrument. The 3D design is a territory that possesses great potential and it includes the animated or static digitalisation of humans, animals, characters, cartoons and objects.

Possible applications of 3D are: photorealistic or creative still frames, animation of characters or objects, pre-visualisation of projects and packaging, architectonic drawing.



Modelling, which in other words means drawing elements in three dimensions. We have mentioned only the most famous of the activities necessary to obtain valid 3D contributions but let’s not forget about texturing, illumination, organic or geometric modelling, rendering etc. etc. And if needed we animate the models to obtain visually impactful video footage, ensuring that they remain well impressed in the mind of the user. 3D is an incredibly powerful communication tool!  



Or in other words the process of character animation. They may be dinosaurs, people or animals, the work remains the same. First the skeleton is created, then the model is “weighed” and then all the needed operations are carried out to avoid compenetrations and so on. What is paramount is to give it birth in a way that is fun, enjoyable and credible. One of the assignment that gave us greater satisfaction was indeed a 3D cartoon mini-series, used for commercial purposes.



With still frame we mean the production of a single image featuring at least one 3D object, usually the protagonist. Normally we produce 3D still frames for advertising campaigns, but we could easily create packaging pre-visualisations or architectonic elements.



We can proudly affirm that we were among the first (if not the very first) to have produced a 3D stereoscopic spot, broadcast in cinemas. The result was absolutely amazing, with the illusion of being able to touch objects by stretching out one’s hand. If you are interested in literally “touching first-hand” the results we would be delighted to welcome you to our office. 



In this section we publish only the 3D still frame for advertising, for video 3D please refer to the “Video and Post-Production” section.

Sprint production
Ing Direct – Booth rendering

Martin & Rainone
Hippopotamus & elephant press campaign


Prisma Associati
Intimo Pompea – 3D bubbles