Linkaround is an agency made of communication experts who work hard, on a daily basis, to create sale instruments that are beautiful, efficient and that leave a mark. The Linkaround team is the right mix of experience, creativity and reliability, ready to make sure that every project is effective in every detail, meeting the agreed deadline without any surprise. Why worrying, day and night, about new ways to advertise your products and your services? ? Leave your problems to us, we will suggest to you the best ways to integrate your web, video and press communication.


Paolo Villa


Owner and Co-Founder. Born in 1973, married with 2 children. I have always been involved in the field of communication. My studies and several years of “paying my dues” have allowed me to accumulate solid experience both from an operational point of view and from a managerial one, making me a true handyman of our sector! My motto? I don’t have one in particular, but I like to say: “Let’s not settle for second best!”.

Corrado Lo Gatto


Owner and Co-Founder. Born in 1979, I have always looked for new stimuli and new extreme sports. Anything than can be defined as “in motion” is a passion of mine. Ever since I was little I have been living for cinema and cartoons (I can’t wait to have children to have an excuse to watch them all), and ever since I was little I have wished to create special effects to make the incredible “possible”. My own belief? Well, as a motorbikes I’d say the writing on the Valentino Rossi’s racing suit!

Andrea Pastorelli


Claudio Corrias



We can guarantee maximum privacy regarding works in development. Knowing well how important it is to keep certain topics secret we can confidently affirm that we will remain “silent as a tomb”. And even once the development will be finished, we will not publish the finished products on our Portfolio without your consent or before many years have gone by.


Apicetto Linkaround
Our logo has been devised by a graphic artist that we hold in very high regard, “Sergio Tanara“. The unusual feature that immediately catches the eye is the apostrophe above the letter K. Why this unusual symbol? To be honest we have often wondered this ourselves, but we like it and so we don’t worry too much about it. This is how his creator defines it:

An apostrophe that flies free in the air and on the air!

How romantic! Way to go Sergio!